Friday, September 23, 2011

Song Gia Resort Complex

WEDNESDAY 21st September

Today I went with the Wednesday ladies to Song Gia Resort Complex ... the kind of place you see in expensive magazines but never imagine you'll ever actually go to. Eight of us went by car to the resort - about half an hour north of Hai Phong. It is quite the most glamorous place I've ever seen.
We arrived at about 9am and were met by Taylor Murphy, the Aussie golf pro and events organiser at the resort. He's a very personable man from Melbourne. We were ushered into the dining room, where we were given coffee and croissants for breakfast...
choosing breakfast

That's us over by the window

Helle, Ushi, Marithe, Birthe, Maria, Dorothee and Caroline

Maria, Dorothee, Caroline, Helle, Ushi, Marithe and Birthe.  
Helle, Maria, Marithe and Caroline headed off to the Golf Clubhouse and played 9 holes of golf with Taylor. Birthe, Dorothee, Ushi and I hopped aboard this little golf buggy and had a tour of the grounds...

That's the resort hotel where we had breakfast

There are beautiful gardens everywhere

She is one of the gardeners who keep the grounds immaculate.

This is the golf clubhouse

The resort is flanked by the Song Gia (River Gia), which is the cleanest waterway in these parts and is very picturesque... my pics don't do it justice.
Then my camera batteries ran out... duh!

Anyway, after the tour of the grounds, we headed for the superb pool and enjoyed a leisurely swim. Then we went to the Spa and had a Thai Massage. First time I ever had a massage and I was amazed how strong the masseuse was. She was half my size, but she coud push and poke right into my muscles... with my face buried in the hole in the table I mastered the art of the silent scream... After more than 90 minutes, I felt wonderful and totally pampered.

By then the golfing girls had finished and they joined us for lunch. We were treated to the private dining room and Taylor joined us. It was sumptuous.

Sadly I had to leave early with Maria to be sure to get back in plenty of time for teaching tonight, otherwise I would have had another swim. I'll happily go back there any time the girls decide to go again!

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  1. owh! it's very beautiful place! I like it. but, it's very expensive! :((