Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Last week of Teaching

TUESDAY 27th September

This week is a continuous stream of last classes but it hasn't really sunk in yet that I'll actually finish up tomorrow. As I've said goodbye to my regular classes, we take photos and they say they are sorry to see me go, which is nice to hear.
On Tuesday morning, it was my 3-4 year olds Kindergarten class:

These pictures were so gorgeous, I posted both of them

These two classes were on Tuesday night at VAIE:   
This lively bunch of bright sparks is KET1E1o - Back Row - Peter, Dave, Jennifer, Jenny. Front Row - Mickey, Dragon, Tony and Tiger.

and 1E2oA - Back Row: May, Mark, Peter, Max, Anh, Alex, Bella
Front Row:  Lily, Seven, Obama, Sushi and Jenny

WEDNESDAY 28th September

My day began when Khanh picked me up at 6:45am to take me to watch him play soccer at a 7:30am game for the uni, then Hero took me to the church class at 8:30 and then dropped me off at Sunflower so I could go with Helle to lunch with the Wednesday girls at BKK, a Thai restaurant in town. Then Maria dropped me home, I had a brief nap, looked at the night's lessons and Mr Cuong picked me up to take me to school at 4.... finished teaching at 9:30 and one of the security guards dropped me home.... 8 trips with 7 different people!    Won't life in Coffs feel tame!

Now here's the pictures from my day, beginning with a tour of Khanh's university - Hai Phong Maritime University. Khanh's class was playing soccer in the opening match of the inter-varsity season, so I went along to cheer him on. Hero came too, to keep me company while Khanh was with his team.  We took a look around before the match... this is 7am... classes begin at 6am here... (Xuan arrived a little later.)

How beautiful are these bonsais... and Hero, too of course...

The teams took the athletes pledge and each team captain was presented with a flower. To my surprise, the Umpire (in the yellow shirt) came over an gave me his! I guess I stood out like a sore toe amongst all the students... they probably wondered how I came to be there.

Khanh is no. 9...
 We've had a lot of rain lately and you can see how muddy the ground is - the ball came to a dead stop every time it ran into a patch of mud!
The final score was a nil all draw, but I had to go to teach the church class at 8:30.

I took this photo of Hero getting his bike out of the parking lot... just a few bikes... and you wouldn't believe how many bicycles they can park in a small space.
After the church class, I went with the Wednesday ladies to BKK Restaurant for a green prawn curry lunch, which was delicious, then home again. When Mr Coung dropped me off for the evening classes, Bich was sitting outside with one of the security guards - Phong. Ian reckons he looks like a Vietnamese version of Sargeant Gilroy from A Country Practice. Waddayarekon?
Phong and Bich

This evening's class goodbyes were to 1E1eC - lovely class...
Back Row: Tommy, James, Alex, River, Max, and John
Middle Row:  Rose, Carlos, Pink, Candy, Try and Pheonix
Front Row:  Kate, Ruby and Anna

THURSDAY 29th September
I woke up this morning with my thoughts jumping between classes, travel plans and home... so much to think about!

Today was my last time teaching the Kindies at Mr Thanh's school

Today Gene came with me and we had fun. She's the first to admit that singing is not one of her strengths. And of course, I do a lot of singing in my classes with these littlies. When Jean joined in with her low register the kids stopped singing and stared in wonder. It was priceless!
These 5 year olds are so responsive, it's a joy to teach them... and sad to say good-bye
Miss Tran Anh always walks me across the road to the taxi with an umbrella to shade me from the sun... or keep the rain off...

The taxi driver waits for the hour that I'm teaching... relaxing...
He was sleeping so soundly we had to shake him to wake him up!  :)

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