Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fabulous Korean Restaurant

SATURDAY 30th April

Today was the first day of our long weekend, and I just hung around all day watching TV and chatting to Katie on skype. Sarah, Amie and Eathen have all gone to Hanoi looking for some excitement, (not that I usually see them during the day much anyway) and Dave was out most of the day.
So we decided to do something different for dinner and headed down the road to a Korean Restaurant ... and what a great idea that turned out to be. The restaurant is up-market, with the dining rooms upstairs. We ordered a chicken and potatoes dish and Dave's usual favourite, squid stirfry to share... first they brought out this array of side dishes:
The top row (L to R) is kimchi - cabbage and vegies in a mild chilli paste; chunks of meat cooked with onion; lightly pickled cabbage rolls stuffed with crisp vegies; little egg n vegie fritters; bottom row (L to R) stir fried vegies; fish; morning glory with chillies; and scrumptious salt dried whitebait. Since we hadn't ordered anything that sounded like all this we were quite impressed!...

Well about half an hour went by as we munched our way through these aperatifs - and Dave's mực xào cần tỏi, then out came the other dish... Turns out we'd ordered a hot pot meal... enough to feed a family!

It came out on a little gas stove... bubbling away.  That's the stir-fried squid dish next to it... way too much food for two people!  Needless to say, we tucked in!

It came with boiled rice and as soon as we tasted it we realised while it had taken a while... the sauce was thick and rich and the chunks of chicken were beautifully cooked, and the potatoes... it was absolutely delicious.  Can you see my drink over there on the left? That was a fresh lemon juice.
Even though we took our time, there was no way we could finish all that food, but we agreed it was a meal to remember. Dave will be gone in a couple of weeks..I hope another teacher comes along to join us who likes to dine out occasionally... there a a few nice retaurants around, but I still balk at dining out alone somewhere really nice.
To finish off, they brought us a little plate of fresh watermelon and a cold drink that was some kind of sweet tea with a cinnamon flavour. Just perfect.
And that wonderful Korean meal cost me $10.
Aaahhhhh... (very full....)

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