Saturday, May 14, 2011

A short video


I was planning to go to Big C (the supermarket) this morning, but Mr Cuong was busy, and there wasn't a xe-om in sight, so I headed back towards home and stopped in for breakfast at Hang's cafe. She had sold out of bánh da, and everything but sua doi lang (?) - a sweet milk mixture and bread rolls. So I sat down and we 'had a chat'... bless her, 'Ally' is as close as she can get to Annie... Another neighbour joined us, who could speak a little Engish, so he translated a bit. Hang asked how much do I earn as a teacher, and I told them a conservative estimate. Apparently what I earn in 1 day is as much as she makes in 1 month.... I tried to explain that I need to make a lot of money so I can fly home, but the disparity in wages is still embarassing. Especially since my milk and bread roll cost only 15 cents...  Anyway, I video'd a little so you could share the experience  :)

I have two classes to teach this arvo/evening, but will finish at 7:30 so I will go out for another farewell dinner with Dave and Lynh at that fabulous Korean restaurant we found a couple of weeks ago - delicious...

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