Friday, May 6, 2011

I found out why Hai Phong is famous for Seafood...


Today was Dave's farewell lunch with the VATC teachers, and we went to a Resturant called Seamen for a Seafood Buffet that cost $11 a head.

That's Frank, me, Linh, Hannah, Dave, Ann, Lina and Oscar out the front. Sun and Nicholas couldn't come today.
As soon as we stepped inside we realised what a treat we were in for... I went nuts photographing stuff... here is some of it...

you eat these crabs whole.

A sweet-ish lightly pickled coleslaw... probably banana flower salad.   
Sushi, crab-meat wontons


  Mực xào cần tôi

Check out the scallops in this dish!

these 'clams' were fabulous

These spiky little fellas weren't easy to eat... you have to use a metal spiker

Mushroom soup

This is the dessert table...

And this is Linh, Dave, Hannah and yours truly ready to eat!  Having taken all those photos, it was time to tuck in...

My first plate of deliciousness

Plate number two... the little round buns are a bit like donuts,, you dip them in sweetened condensed milk (on the left) and they're very more-ish...

Lynh went outside to the BarBQ and got some chargrilled shellfish:
Even out there the presentation was everything...

 a Hai Phong specialty...

as are these huge char grilled prawns

We all ate and ate... Oscar, Lina and Ann...

... Hannah and Frank

This was my third plateful. Those scallops were amazing... I'm not going to show you any more... and yes, there were more!

Then it was time to toast Dave and head home. He'll be greatly missed... he's a good teacher and a lovely bloke.
Ann (our manager) and Dave

So now I know why Hai Phong claims to be famous for it's seafood!  We had the most delicious feast. I will certainly be going there again whenever the opportunity presents itself!... and most definitely in October, Katie!

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