Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday blog


Today I turned 60!  That sounds so very old... but it doesn't feel very old. It's only when I take a look in the mirror that reality kicks in!  I'm so glad we're only as old as we feel!

I woke up to skype and email birthday wishes from precious family and friends. The weather was quite mild, so the walk to join my ex-pat ladies for lunch was very pleasant (though I do get some funny looks when I wear my conical peasant's hat). Instead of the usual venue (Texas BarBQ) Helle had sent me a text saying that we were meeting at the restaurant at Sunflower, (the gated community for rich westerners) ... lovely grounds, swimming pool, tennis courts, golf driving range....  I'd been chatting to Andrew on skype and rocked up ten minutes late to find that they had gathered to wish me happy birthday!  They gave me a beautiful red bamboo salad bowl with silver handled lacquerware servers and a bunch of roses!... I got quite misty!
On top of that, Maritha shouted me lunch! Bless her!
 Here are the girls...
Dorothee, Maria, Ann, Pia, Helle, Bettina, Maritha, and Virag.

It was a lovely surprise, after which I walked home and prepared more lesson plans.  At work Ann said they would be celebrating my birthday with Oscar's and Ian's arrival (a new teacher) in a few weeks.

Here's what I had for my birthday lunch... chicken. The flowers were a happy birthday gift from the restaurant

At home, Katie took flowers up to Mum at Coffs Haven Nursing Home for me only to find her covered in bruises, with a cut on her forehead from when she fell out of bed last Saturday. She will be bed-ridden for a few days, but praise God, nothing was broken. As always she is in good spirits and her usual beautiful self. I had asked at Coffs Haven that Katie be advised if anything happened to Mum, but that message hadn't filtered through, so we didn't know about it till days later.... a situation that I hope is now rectified!
So there you go! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...... :)

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