Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Now imagine a head massage that lasts an hour....

TUESDAY 10th May

This morning I decided it was high time I went to the hairdresser... so I got Ann to write what's appropriate for requesting a cut and colour in Vietnamese, and headed across from the school for the hairdresser that they recommended. The salon was small, but spotless and very comfortable.  I was there for nearly three hours and at least half of that time was spent lying in a very comfy bed/chair at the basin, with the hairdresser massaging my scalp, my face, my neck, my ears, my head, my hair, my eyes, ..... absolute bliss. And she did a good job with the cut 'n colour too... all for $15. Here's some photos
I just had to take a pic of the salon dog...

you can see the bed/basin in the background in the corner... not a bad haircut, eh!

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