Thursday, April 28, 2011

Comfort Food

THURSDAY 28th April

It was pouring rain when I woke this morning and pretty much stayed that way all day. I watched a couple of long boring war movies on TV and pretty much wasted the day away thinking how much I would totally enjoy a lazy wet day at home.... there's always so much more to do (or not!). Watching the rain in the garden is a pleasure! Listening to the noises of my family is a delight.  Here there's a blank wall to look at out this window, and I rarely hear anyone in the house...
Needless to say, as I was walking home getting drenched after tonight's classes, I stopped off at Texas BarBQ and pigged out on a chicken, avocado and bacon burger and chips!  Savored every bite and practically waddled home I was so full. And the double blessing was that it had stopped raining by then :)
Simple pleasures like a normal hot shower... a fully equipped kitchen.... home cooked meals... not being stared at.... A COMFORTABLE BED!!!   Aaah, I can just imagine it.  So all you friends and rellies taking all those pleasures for granted tonight, please do a little intercessory enjoying for me, as I tuck my still full belly into this hard little bed and dream of wonderful things to come...

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