Tuesday, April 26, 2011


TUESDAY 26th April

This morning we did another recording session for VATC which didn't take very long. It's a gorgeous spring morning, so I decided to walk home. It is amazing how in the last week or so, all the trees lining the streets have suddenly started to green up. When they were bare, you didn't even notice they were there, and now the whole streetscape is softened by shady green trees.
Winter streetscape

transformed for spring - summer

I took a detour down a long street market (Dưỡng An Da) and back again... meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. All very spacious and fairly laid back.
As I got near to home I decided to try and find a shortcut through a rabbit warren of back alleys and just ended up not far from when I started the detour... so I walked the long way after that! But it was a very pleasant way to spend the morning, strolling along having a good old stickybeak.

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