Monday, April 11, 2011

Recording Studio!!

MONDAY, 11th April

This morning Eathen, Amie, Sarah and I went with Ann to a local recording studio to record some dialogues for VATC to use for listening tests when new students come to the school. I got to be the narrator, and the mother... It was fun, and Ann was pleased that we got it done in one session, not 2 as planned.  For our trouble we'll each get a $5 bonus...yeaa! 
This is the street the studio is in. That's Amie, Eathen, Sarah and Ann walking back from where they parked their bikes. Across the road is an amusement park with children's rides, and the skate rink.
Sarah, Amie and Ann
Amie, Ann and me  (Eathen is out of the shot)

This lovely guy is the studio manager.

It is a gorgeous day today ... hot even! I really needed a hat and sunglasses walking home.  As I walked past the street market I bought 2 kgs of lovely tomatoes for $1 and 2 peeled pineapples for $1... tasty and fresh.

When I got home workmen had been here installing the air conditioner in my room. Dave sat in here to keep an eye on things (bless him!). They should be back this arvo to finish the job, then I'll be all set for summer as long as there is power...  One of the Vietnamese teachers mentioned that we should have a generator here, because blackouts begin in late May!  can't wait.  I expect it'll be a case of "Just suck it up, sunshine!"

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