Saturday, April 2, 2011

The local Supermarket

FRIDAY 1st April
It's lovely when you get to share a joke isn't it? When communication is usually so difficult, it seems the littlest joke that's understood is so appreciated... like last night, I asked my students to name a famous old person, and one of them said 'You, teacher!" (We often laugh about my age.) 
We went to ATC language school this morning... Dave introduced all of us to them and Mai is keen to work around our rosters at VATC to teach her classes. It will be mostly conversation with adults, rather than formal teaching. She will provide the topic, and it will be up to us to use whatever resources we like to promote discussion... internet, videos, music... so that will be a challenge. The pay is good - $18US p.h. compared to $12 at VATC, and we'll be paid each week. Dave says there might not be much work, since it will be spread among all of us, but any extra will be a blessing. The facilities there are much better than at VATC... Overhead projector for power point of videos, internet at the teacher's desk, CD players that work!...  The director invited us all to have lunch with them at a Hot Pot restaurant on Sunday. And this time, since he invited us, he'll be paying...

SATURDAY 2nd April
I went to Big C Supermarket this morning to get some stuff and they had skinned crocodiles hanging in the meat section! So of course I whipped out my camera ...

This is the seafood section... there are also tubs with live fish etc swimming around.
And this is looking across the takeaway food / deli section. The plates have a large variety of meals, all set to just heat up in a wok and eat.
After I took this photo of the fresh fruit and veg section, a man came up and told me to stop taking photos... oops! So that's all you get... except when I got home  I took this photo
This is how the free range eggs are packaged ... can’t resist the marketing!

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