Friday, November 14, 2014

Mạnh’s Intermediate Class

Lately I have had the pleasure of teaching this wonderful class of enthusiastic students at Mạnh’s Centre. They asked Mạnh to get me back again, so tonight we enjoyed one more class, then they invited me to join them for coffee and dessert. Most of them joined in and we went to The Secret for a delightful extension to the evening.
Thảo, Trang, Tùng, Thêu, Ngọc Anh,  
and front row... Nga, Quang Anh, Hiền, Linh, me, Chiến and Quảng

We ordered some of every kind of dessert on the menu and a variety of rich smoothies... quite a feast!  And a lot of fun taking photos...

Chiến, Trang, Quảng, Hiền, Linh, Tùng,   
 and front row... Quang Anh, Thêu, Thảo, Nga, and Ngọc Anh

Then everyone wanted a photo with Teacher Annie...








Even as we were leaving, Hiền wanted just one more photo before he drove me home.....  so many smiles come easily when we're enjoying ourselves so much. 

This precious group have invited me to join them for one more party, so on Tuesday night we will do it all again with dinner!


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