Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dining Out Twice in One Day

Feeling very blessed tonight after a lovely day being spoiled by lovely friends.

Mr Toan and his daughter, Hàng, and son, Khue (Leo) picked me up and took me to lunch to a lovely restaurant I haven't been to before...



This fish soup was delicious... but check out the ugly looking fish! I have never seen anything like it before!

We sat outside in the garden - right next to this very peaceful section of river.

Mr Toan's wife called us from Brussels - where she is on business this week. She travels frequently, and calls to talk to her family every day when she is away. Both the children are learning English so they do their best to talk to me. Such a lovely family. I hope Jordie and Leo keep in touch.

Then that evening, Trung Ho invited me to his home for dinner with friends. He lives with his mum in a quaint little 2 storey house that has a footprint no bigger than 4m x 4m. Plenty of room for a lovely meal! the girls (2) did all the chopping upstairs on the bedroom floor and the cooking was done downstairs on the living-room floor...easy!...and delicious of course!

 For dessert, Rosie supplied this lovely cake

Trung, Trang and Rosie are all fluent in English, so it is always effortless to have a conversation with them.  A lovely night once again.  Rosie has a car, so she gave me a ride home.

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