Sunday, November 23, 2014

Homeward bound

One last morning to fill in Hà Nội before heading to the airport. I had told Will all about our find...the Korean BarBQ, so we decided to have lunch there before I had to leave for the airport... of course, he was a impressed as we were when we first discovered this little gem a few weeks ago!


One last walk back to Bat Dan Street picking up a few final souvenir gifts and it was time to go. I just had to take a photo of Will's heap of a bike (complete with wee basket)  haha.

My dear friends offered to come with me to the airport, but it's so far out of their way, and they had to head back to Hải Phòng...a three hour bus ride. So we said our sad goodbyes at the hotel.  

This is my mate, Dũng, the manager at Little Hanoi Diamond. For several years now I have been a regular customer and I just have to call and tell him it's Annie from Hải Phòng and he recognises me and gives me great deals and great service.  Lovely man.

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