Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dining out with my favourite class

Double blessing today!  Lunch with Hiếu and Nelly and then the precious students of Manh's Intermediate Class invited me out to dinner! I was planning to have dinner with Nguyễn Quyết Tiến, so they graciously included him in the invitation.... he is so friendly and charming, he fits in very well wherever he goes.

Snails and frogs were on the menu tonight!

 delicious mushroom hot-pot

It's a small world... as we were leaving the restaurant, I bumped into Sun from VAIE. Since I haven't been teaching there, I haven't seen much of the staff. It's lovely to see her so happy this year. She has a lovely new boyfriend who cherishes her and treats her beautifully.

We rounded off the night with some karaoke and dancing... Love it!

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