Thursday, November 20, 2014

Goodbye Hải Phòng for 2014

It was a quick one hour turn-around between the end of our Teachers' Day outing and loading into the car to drive to Hà Nội one last time for this year. Last minute pressie packing and tweaking of heavy bags... gifts to distribute and essentials in a big box for Lee and Graham to babysit for me...

Dear Rosie came by with a lovely bracelet for a goodbye present. She has been studying in England and has a beautiful British accent and is enthusiastically assisting students here to improve their English. 

Hiếu decided to take up my offer of a trip to Hà Nội, and at the last minute, Nelly changed her mind and came too... she could share my room, while Hiếu share a room with Chin (whom we picked up along the way).  So this was the small group who waved us off at 6pm.

Our trip to Little Hanoi Diamond was uneventful and as soon as we booked in, we went for a walk for a little night shopping and to find some dinner.

The guys and I were easily pleased, but Nelly had a hard time finding something she wanted to eat, so she ended up missing out.

Tomorrow is the long awaited official opening of Isagenix Vietnam.... When I arrived, it was scheduled for August...then September...then October. Oh well, there will be no time to build a team this trip, but at least I can say I was here when it all began!

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