Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hiếu and Nelly

It's funny how things work out... two days in a row I went to Universal Cafe! This morning Hiếu and Nelly offered to take me out for lunch and we went there first but Nelly wasn't too excited about the meal options, so we only stayed for a drink.


While we were in an up-market mood, they then took me to another gorgeously appointed Restaurant I hadn't been to before, called Home Lounge.






It's very glamorous, and I imagine the piano bar and terrace are beautiful at night  They obviously don't draw a lunch-time crowd. We were the only ones there....mind you, we did arrive a little late for the typical lunch-time here, which is any time from 11am on.

As we were leaving, Maritha pedalled past on her bicycle and stopped to say hello!  All the millions of people in Hải Phòng, and we happen to spot each other!  I guess we foreigners always stand out in a crowd here...quite unlike one of the tourist destination cities  haha.

Another lovely outing, but overshadowed by the knowledge that in a week I'll be home. And when I return,  Hiếu will no longer be a student...probably won't even be in Hải Phòng, so another cherished friendship will move to a different phase.... dear to my heart, but no longer a constant companion when I return.

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