Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hai Phong Sunday Market

SUNDAY 9th October

How fabulous... my last Sunday in Hai Phong and I finally got to go to the Sunday market!  Khanh picked me up at 8am and off we went. This market features lots of animals and plants, and it was very crowded, but fascinating of course!

We parked the bike at a 'parking station'
and joined the crowd. Here is a sample of some of the goods on offer...

The mundane:
Kitchen Utensils


All the plants were thriving and healthy...
I missed seeing the orchids till we were riding away, but they were stunning.

Then there were the ingredients for special wines:

and Geckos

And of course, the birds and animals:
Song birds, pigeons and geese




and lots of chickens

lots and lots of chickens... and rabbits

even live crickets for feeding the chickens

and lots and lots of beautiful puppies (and kittens).  

I was delighted to see the little crab pots at the basket-maker's because a few days ago I bought this beautifully carved timber crab pot that's life size...

Khanh bought us a snack - bánh cốm - green rice flake cake
How excellent is this presentation? Each one is on a square of fresh banana leaf.

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