Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bahn Cuon for Breakfast with Gene and Becki

TUESDAY 11th October

I can hardly believe it! Tonight I'll be in Ho Chi Minh City with Katie!!!

I have been meaning to join Becki and Gene for their favourite Bánh cuốn lady's breakfast. Xuan decided to come to so he was here at 7am. Will said he'd like to come too, but he couldn't wake up. Gene walked out to Van Cao to show us the way, since it's down alleys that twist and turn

The food preparation is done out the front
The rice noodle is a in big thin sheets on the platter in front of her

This version of Bánh cuốn is a plate of rice noodle with a sprinkling of fried onion, a broth with a couple of pork mince balls, fresh salad greens and the usual condiments - green cumcuats, chillies, salt and dipping sauce.

It was Becki's shout... 48.000 dong ($1)

On the way home we passed this pagoda - spotlessly clean...

You can see by the length of the fence how large the compound is. Seems that there's something fascinating around every corner...

Khanh came over and he and Xuan kept me company as I packed and sat back to relax and enjoy my morning before heading for the airport. It's now nearly 1 o'clock. Xuan had to go to Uni, Khanh is asleep in front of the TV and Will hasn't even surfaced yet. Katie is probably at Darwin airport right now, on her way, and in an hour Khanh will give me a ride to the airport and I'll be on my way. Back in Hai Phong in 2 weeks - with Katie!!!

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