Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Too cold and wet for students

WEDNESDAY, 16th March

Tonight I walked to school in the cold rain at about 5pm. I printed off my lesson plan and sorted some photocopying and was all ready to go by 5.45 (for my 7.30 class). So I went to the little canteen and had Bánh đa cua(crab) a delicious broth with rice noodles, vegies crab fritters and tofu. I was sitting with Ann (the boss) when one of the girls from Monday night’s class came in and rushed over saying “Why aren’t you teaching us tonight?” What is really cool is that I remembered her name (Henley) and the two friends with her and they were obviously pleased to see me.  Exactly what every new teacher would like to have happen in front of the Principal... J
So at 7.30 I toddled upstairs to my classroom all prepared, but no students turned up!!! This was supposed to be 10 of my Monday class of 21 students... more students had registered, so they split them into 3 classes, but tonight was so cold and rainy most of them stayed home and only 7 turned up, so they were all put together and I came home early!  That’s fine by me... I asked the receptionist to phone for a taxi for me, but she was having trouble getting through (a very busy night for taxis), so the doorman asked me if I would like to go by motorbike. I had my raincape, so I was quite happy about that, but I must admit the rain on my face was freezing! The poor doorman had taken off his good shoes and was wearing crocks... I can’t imagine how cold his toes must have been! ( I paid him double the going rate for his kindness).
So tonight I am unexpectedly at home alone again!  It’s Wednesday night, so Dave is going to order pizza again and we’ll be five around the table for the first time! Like a regular family...  Till then I think I’ll just watch a little telly.

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