Thursday, March 24, 2011

‘Teacher, you have to do this..'

THURSDAY, 24th March

My students have a great sense of humour. Last night my beginner adults class were struggling with the th sound as in this, that, these and  those, so I was demonstrating that you have to put your tongue between your teeth so I could see it the beginning of the word. Several times during the lesson I went round each one trying to get them to say the words correctly. Anyway, towards the end of the class we were playing ‘What’s this?’ and I pulled out a Vietnamese English dictionary. Just to help them realise that It’s just as difficult for me to pronounce their words as it is for them to pronounce mine, I tried a few phrases... much to their delight. I was trying to say ‘xin loi’ when one wag (Terry) called out ‘Teacher, you have to do this...!’ and showed his tongue in an exaggerated position for making the L sound. The whole class cracked up. They are a lot of fun!

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