Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally hit the 80:20 ratio!

FRIDAY 18th March
Yeaaay! Tonight I taught my first 80:20 class!!!.... that’s students speaking English 80% of the time and me only 20%. That’s the optimum teaching ratio but so hard to achieve as a novice.  Both my cases tonight were great, but the adult class was just fabulous. They all participated with gusto and we played lots of games and I managed to come up with interesting stuff to do on the spot and the 2 hours just flew by. We all thoroughly enjoyed the class and I think the students will be well satisfied.
The young’ns and I had dinner at Megans and agreed that it must be the convenient location that makes it the ‘in’ place coz the food is very ordinary. Poor old vegetarian Amie just cannot get it through that when she asks for vegetables and no meat, she wants a variety of vegetables (like we get in our meat dishes) not just a heap of water spinach... Turns out that Vietnamese call greens 'vegetables'... if you want carrots, or onion or capsicum etc, you need to specifically name them - they are not considered 'vegetables'...  I had my first beer ... I think it’s called Halinda and it’s quite a light beer they serve icy cold on tap here in Hai Phong.  A very large glass costs 10,000D (50c). I was thirsty and it wasn’t bad.
We left Megans at 11pm and Sarah and Eathen stopped off at the Tulip Bar, but Amie rode slowly and kept me company as I walked home which was very nice of her. Much better chatting along the way than striding along on my own!
So now it’s after midnight... not as cold as it has been, but too cold for a shower, so I’ll go to bed grubby.

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