Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little darlings...

TUESDAY 22nd March
Wouldn’t you know it? I taught that hideous teenage class again tonight and they were co-operative and sweet and we had a great class...! Yukito, the girl I had the stand up confrontation with on Friday even asked me at the end of the lesson if she and her friend could come and visit me at my house!!!
And I got a wedding invitation! Oscar (one of the Vietnamese teachers) is getting married next week and we’ve all been invited.  It’s a morning thing at the bride’s village, so we are to meet at the school at 6:30am to catch a bus at 7!! Dave tells me that Vietnamese weddings are simply a gathering of people to eat and drink, then go – no ceremony or anything. Ann was saying the bus will return to the school at 4:30, but perhaps those rostered with classes that night shouldn’t go as they’ll be too tired. I wasn’t sure quite how to take that, since I usually teach 2 classes on Wednesdays. I certainly wouldn’t consider it if I can’t get prepared on Tuesday. But bottom line is , it will probably be the only Vietnamese wedding I will be invited to so I don’t want to miss it! This is my invitation:

Over here the wedding photos are all taken in the weeks before the wedding. They hire lots of different outfits, and the albums are finished ready for display on the day of the wedding. Here are a couple of Oscar and Ngoc Anh's wedding photos

I  only had one class tonight so I walked home with Dave and we stopped off for dinner at the place just near us where I stumbled in late and the father cooked me chips. Tonight, however, we were not late and shared a delicious plate of mực xào cần tỏi (stir fry squid and vegies), Vietnamese mint and rice. I thought of taking a photo way too late... it was nearly all gone... sorry.
Today the weather has been lovely... quite balmy and no sign of the 100% humidity we had yesterday. That’s right, the weather forecast was actually for 100% humidity!  I even got a load of washing done and dry!
It’s one month today since I left home and so much has happened! I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I will go to the ladies lunch at the Texas BarBQ and see what that leads to ... and I have 2 classes tomorrow night to prepare for. Since it’s only 10 o’clock and I’m all showered I think I’ll just watch a movie!

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