Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Got my clothes from the tailor... can anyone lend me a sewing machine?

TUESDAY, 22nd March

When I got to work, Sun had picked up my clothes from the tailor (and I got 80,000D change.... money for dinner!).  The shirts fit really well... but the pants?????   Dear me!   She has put elastic in the waistband at the front, and  a flat waistband at the back... who does that????  And the crutch is about 3” too low... and the waist 3” too high at the front..... By the time I roll over the front to make the waist sit on my waist and the crutch wearable, they are too short... TALK ABOUT UNCOMFORTABLE!!!   The frustration is that I took a pair of shorts which fit really well to the tailor so she could cut a pattern off them, but oh no! she didn’t need them! ...  such a shame, because the fabric is fabulous!
Guess I’ll wear my comfortable clothes to work and get changed for the teaching... how unnecessary!   If I had a sewing machine here I could make some adjustments myself...  I will have to talk to Sun about the possibility of taking them back and getting the tailor to fix them...
Gripe, gripe....
But today is Tuesday, and Dave has lent me 2,000,000D to see me through till the end of the month. It was sunny when I got up so I did a load of washing and now it’s overcast again.  Because of the rainy weather, yesterday was incredibly humid even though it wasn’t even hot. Everything was covered in condensation... it was running down the internal windows of my room, on the banisters and walls and floor.  At school the whiteboards had to be constantly wiped or they were too wet to write on!  I guess that explains why all the buildings here look drab and old because of mould on the walls and windows!
This is the class I taught last night – 3E2eA:
Ben, Riley, Anna, Jess, Moon 1, Rosa, Tom, Eminem, Kevin, Robin, Moon 2, and Hannah.  Most of them are students except Robin, who’s an engineer and Anna, who’s an accountant.  A great class of ‘beginners’.

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