Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Locked Out

WEDNESDAY, 9th March

This morning I went downstairs at 5:30am and found Eathen at the front door... locked out in the courtyard. Dave had locked the second gate last night thinking we were all in, so when Eathen got home at 2am he couldn't get in. He sent me a text, but I was sound asleep and didn't hear the bip. He resigned himself to sleep on the doorstep, but during the night a guy jumped over the security fence and robbed him at knife point... took his money and his phone. So by the time I toddled downstairs he was thoroughly cold and exhausted. I dont have a key to that gate either, yet, so I had to wake Dave to come down and let Eathen in. He was very philosophical about it, didn't want to make a fuss, just headed for a hot shower and bed.

I wonder whether the thief was just an opportunist walking by or did he target our place deliberately and happen to stumble across Eathen on the doorstep? Either way I do not intend to be out at that hour, and if I ever got accidently locked out I would shout the house down till someone let me in, not stoically sleep on the doorstep!!!  So dont worry about me, OK?

I have finally uploaded all the pictures on my HCM city travels, so now brief little updates should be the norm.  Well done anyone who persists and wades through the first couple of my blog entries! Now I have my first class to prepare...  See ya!

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