Saturday, October 25, 2014

The opening of Mạnh’s Centre No. 2

They tell me it's good luck if it rains on the day of the opening of a new business, so Mạnh was pretty happy when it was drizzling this morning. Happier still when the rain stopped in time for the festivities, since many of his guests had to sit or stand outside!

Hiếu picked me up at 8am and we went and bought flowers on the way. I got one of those huge pedestal arrangements for about $10!...A bit awkward hanging onto it on the back of the bike though!  Mạnh and several of his students and teachers had been very busy with preparations all week. Everything looked fresh and new and there were tables and chairs decorated and set up out on the street to provide for the overflow of guests, who couldn't all fit inside.

As the people arrived, so did the flowers...


Inside, everything was beautifully presented for the formalities.

Some speeches, some songs, more speeches....

Mạnh invited me to join him in cutting the cake, then asked me to say a few words...easy to do, to praise such an exceptional young man and wish him well.

Inside was filled with official guests, so the students crowded at the entrance....

...and joined in playing a prank or two on their beloved teacher.

I have no doubt that this Centre will grow and influence the lives of many, many young people as they learn English and love it.

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