Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Isagenix Vietnam open for business!

After many postponements, the long awaited day is finally here!   Today Isagenix Vietnam finally had it's soft launch...open for business!  Just one month before the Official Opening with the Coovers and a bunch of Isagenix movers and shakers from around the world coming to join in the celebrations. 

I left Katie and Jordan to have a day wandering around shopping, looking, etc, while I headed across town to Thai Ha St. 

There was a large contingent from Malaysia, resplendent in their traditional dress, alongside the beautifully dresses Vietnamese associates.

This time I kept out of the limelight and found a seat up the back of the crowded meeting room. 


The formalities were done by lunchtime... but it was over an hour before I managed to find out about the packs, the ordering system etc, because of course, all the forms and advertising etc was in Vietnamese! There were lovely helpful girls at the service desk, but they had hundreds of people vying for their attention. I had a pricelist (in Vietnamese), but it had no explanation of what the packs were.... Eventually I found these banners and worked it out for myself from the pictures!

Rather than do it twice, here's the explanation of the business model here that I posted on Isabalance...

Hello from Hai Phong, Vietnam!
After so many delays, we're open for business and Isagenix is powering here in spite of the naysayers (who reckon it's too expensive and network marketing doesn't work in Vietnam), there are already 100 Crystal Executives here!!!! More than 3000 associates before the soft launch!
There are 5 products - Chocolate and Vanilla Isalean Shakes, Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life, and E+shots. The products are the same, but the packaging is different...all in individual serve sachets and each individual product is available in packs of 10 sachets (only the e+shot is the same). The serving size for the shakes has been reduced to 36g since the average Vietnamese person is so much smaller than we Westerners.
The Paks are in small boxes with 5 days worth of product @ 30BV...either the Healthy Body Pak (10 shakes, 5 each Ionix, Cleanse and e+shots), or the Ultimate Energy Pak (5 shakes, 5 ionix and 10 e+shots). Associate price for one 5 day pack is approx $58. Larger packs (10 day, 30 day, 60 day) come at proportionally greater savings.
Freight is charged at 6% of the value of the order and they use express post.
To become an Associate, there's membership of approx. $25, and a minimum 300 BV to be ordered over 2 months. Then it's the usual 100BV per month to maintain active status. Only Vietnamese nationals can become associates with Isagenix Vietnam. Expats have to sign up through another country before they can access Associate pricing for orders through Hanoi.
There are no PIBs but RABs are the same, and cycles are the same.
And in my experience, the TEAM GREEN culture is alive and well.
So that's in in a nutshell... It's going to explode here!!!!
Everyone is very excited about the Gala Dinner at the Official Opening at the Marriott 5 star, the Coovers, Paul and Suzanne, Peta and a bunch of other superstars will be here to celebrate with the locals...WOO-OO!!!

By then the crowd was thinning...it was about 90 minutes since the formalities has finished and as I was waiting to be served, the girl asked me if I had a number...like at the deli at the supermarket!!!  Aaargh... so over to the security guard for a number and resignedly headed for a seat for there were many numbers ahead of mine.


Fortunately, Trang eventually finished with all her new Associates and came to my rescue, and put me through on her number... explaining that if I ordered 300BV of product I could get a free ticket to the Gala Dinner (instead of paying $100 a ticket!) and as well, I would get an Isagenix backpack as a bonus!  Needless to say I quickly upgraded my order to make the most of the promotion!


It was early afternoon by the time I got back to the hotel with my boxes of product, only to find that Katie had been feeling sick and had slept most of the time I was gone. Jordie had amused herself on the ipad...such a good kid.

Katie was feeling better, so once again we hit the shops...
This is Lucky Day, the restaurant we had dinner at last night...up on the balcony.

We made our way back to the shop where Hannah bought her quilt in 2012, and Katie bought cushion covers for Tatum in 2013, and Katie bought some more gifts. She's a lovely friendly lady, and Katie is friends on Facebook with her.

It was Jordie's choice for a last stop off as night fell, and she wanted a cookies and cream smoothie from Highland Coffee, so once again we found ourselves looking down on the fountain square, marvelling at the traffic!

We had one more night to catch up with Will and Pete before returning to Hải Phòng, and this time we went to this Vietnamese restaurant ... (can't remember the name)


Will's friend, Alistair joined us. He's from the Phillipines and works for a travel company. Lovely guy...as you'd expect!

 It's a beautiful restaurant, and the food was delicious...

Feeling very blessed about now...  what an extraordinary life... dear friends.

Yep...very blessed to share this with my darlings....



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