Saturday, October 11, 2014

I rode a bicycle!!!

Another scrumptious breakfast, 

followed by a swim in the pool for a couple of hours, and a stroll around the garden


Then everyone decided to cycle to the beach. Jordie wanted to go, so intrepid Grandma agreed to ride a bike for the first time in over 30 years... So excited. Riding a bike again has been one of my goals for getting healthy and I did it! Woo-oo!! 

The ride was down winding lanes and quiet roads to the beach nearby.  Just as well it was quiet..I kept having to remind myself to relax!

The resort has a section reserved with lounges and umbrellas etc so we had a swim, then lounged about. Jordie, Pete and I stayed under the brolly, while Will, Paul and Tierna lay in the sun and worked on their tans.

Jordie and I left them to it and rode home to wash off the sand and relax in the cool of our room before heading into town for a late lunch and more shopping.

We found The Bees Knees restaurant that Katie and I had enjoyed when we were here in 2011. It has had a major revamp and is now very stylish and twice as big. The food is still great...

After lunch we went back to Roni Shoes and Bag Shop to pick up Katie's new shoes. They look great She had to smile when Lan told her they were going to make another pair just like them to put on display...Last night Lan questioned Katie's choice of colours - black with two straps in dark purple, but Katie knew they'd look good....

We showed Jordie the old, old Japanese monkey bridge which leads to the ancient part of the city but we didn't pay to go and have a closer look.

It was dusk by the time we reached the picturesque!

The fisherman had an ingenious method for raising this massive net...he pedalled the spokes on a pulley wheel.

The lanterns are beautiful by daylight.... but even more fabulous at night!  Katie bought some to hang along the edge of our new outdoor area at home.

We had duck noodle for dinner... scrumptious!  Katie and the others had come here the first night, so we knew it would be good.

This lovely lady was selling little sweet biscuits and beer nuts, and she was so delightfully friendly and chatty that I bought some. Up until then, we had created a game for when street vendors interrupted us while we were eating. It is so annoying to be sitting enjoying your meal, talking, to be interrupted by someone trying to sell cards or toothpicks or trinkets or whatever. The frustration is that they don't go away when you say no. So our game was that Jordie would count out loud every time one of us said no to a pushy vendor. The record was a lady so persistent that I said no 7 times before she left us alone!!!!  LOL

 This was the restaurant.

After dinner we caught a taxi back to the resort and enjoyed a refreshing night swim. Jordan was absolutely delighted to get Katie in the water at last!

We packed our bags ready for an early departure tomorrow....and it's amazing how much stuff we can squeeze into a small suitcase!  

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