Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday in Hộị An

Another good night's sleep in our huge bed and we woke up to a glorious morning
No rush to go anywhere, so it was an easy morning and another beaut breakfast.


Jordie loves the croissants

We decided to let Jordan have her choice of activity today since she has been so patient with our shopping etc for the past few days...and she chose swimming!

During the morning I joined her in the pool while Katie uploaded photos onto Jordie's blog. By the time she joined us the others had started to surface. 

Tierna and Paul were the first, then Pete and Jaclyn...and finally Will made an appearance to bake in the hot sun.

Jaclyn taught Jordie how to do flip turns (American for tumble turns).

Jordie had been duck diving for rocks off the bottom and Paul competed with her for a bit, then they included floating toothpicks in the racing. When one toothpick sank instead of floating, it became the one hundred pointer...whoever retrieved it won the round.  Peter joined that game but neither of the men could pick it  off the bottom, so Jordie emerged the winner by a mile....

We had a light lunch by the pool and Jordie continued to swim...

Jaclyn said farewell and left to pick up her clothes from the tailor then head back to Danang and then Hà Nội because she has to work tomorrow.  We left Jordie swimming with Will and Pete while Katie and I caught the shuttle-bus into town so I could pick up my shoes and Katie could order some after all. That didn't take long and we were back inside an hour.

Jordie was still swimming! But we finally dragged her out at 5pm...her version of a perfect day!

Showers, blogging, Facebook...and at 6pm we met Will at Reception for our Cooking Class. Tuấn the chef walked us through the extensive veggie gardens, but it was too dark to see much...must check it out tomorrow in daylight...


Then we did a cooking class....just the four of us...$12 each!  The chef, Toan, spoke his own version of English... Not a single word had endings:  "Loo me! Loo me! You so ze garli in ze oi an a one spoo sau, two spoo suca, oisa sor,....."     Translation: " Look (watch) me! You sautee the garlic in the oil and add one spoon of salt, two spoons of sugar, oyster sauce...."

We made Green Papaya Salad with Shrimp

Spring Rolls Hoi An Style

Sauteed Chicken with Lemongrass & Chilli

Sauteed Morning Glory with Garlic

The food was delicious and we all agreed it was a great way to do dinner!

After such a relaxing day, we were happy to call it a night and go to bed. The others had gone into town for another night out, but Will decided to have an early night too so he could really enjoy tomorrow!


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