Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Lookout by night

Tonight I had no classes, so Xuân took me to the Observatory hill lookout. After a hot day, the cool breeze was wonderful, and of course the view is expansive. Even though we were far above the city, we could still hear the occasional blare of a truck/bus horn, but other than that it was very peaceful.
All along the top of the hill there are tables and chairs set up for people to relax and enjoy the view with a cold drink. And a surprising number of people were getting their exercise walking up to the top in the cool of the evening. (I was very glad to be on a motorbike!)
This photo gives you an idea of what it's actually like...

... and these two I took with a flash so you could see. That's Đạt and his girlfriend and Xuân, of course.. After a bit we were joined by a couple of new-comers to the church class and the time flew by. It was 10 o'clock before we knew it and time to head for home.
Another delightful evening... 

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