Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lunch with Kien's family

Today I had the delightful privilege of dining with Kien's family for lunch. They live not far from here, and after I got home from teaching the kindys at Kien An, Xuân picked me up and took me there. Both Kien's parents are career army officers, although his father is now retired. His mother is a cartographer and still works. They all pitched in to prepare this delicious lunch and then she had to go back to work before we left (after we ate). His younger brother, Ky, is 13 and it was lovely to see how much affection is shared between these two brothers. Ky is studying English and has been brave enough to come to the Nam Phat church class with all the older students during the Summer holidays.
Their home has a simple, functional layout with living room, kitchen and one bedroom downstairs and another upstairs with a bathroom on each level. Down the side path there are three rooms for rent, similar to the room Ba lived in. Everything is spotlessly clean and breezy and very pleasant. All the houses in the neighbourhood are similar, so there is a feeling of spaciousness. And they all have trees growing in their front courtyards so I guess this is the suburbs, Hải Phòng style!

Lunch tasted every bit as good as it looks... especially the succulent goose!!!!

I'm not at all graceful sitting on the floor... I've just gotta keep a sense of humour and find a spot with room for my legs which simply will not fold away like everyone else's! No wonder the locals chuckle at my efforts to get comfortable...

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