Friday, July 6, 2012

Songs from the Sixties

Khánh joined Reinhard Kessel (Andrea's husband) for a drink tonight, so he could practise speaking German and it turns out that Andrea is back from Germany, so Khánh picked me up after my late class and took me back to their place for supper.

We had a top night... they are great hosts, with engaging personalities and there was never a lull in the conversation, whether in English or in German!

Best of all, Reinhard was playing a selection of songs from the sixties - songs I grew up with, and of course I knew nearly all of them. So our conversation was interspersed with singing... song after song after song! Reinhard loves to sing too. Khánh hadn't heard most of them and Andrea doesn't sing much, but we all enjoyed ourselves anyway. We all agreed we should do it again soon, but that will depend on Reinhard's schedule, for he is away a lot.

It was nearly midnight before we came home... and I have to be up early tomorrow for a 7.30 am class!

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