Monday, July 23, 2012

Farewell to Lesley after six short weeks

This year Lesley was only here for six weeks, and they have flown by. Today she left Hải Phòng and a bunch of us gathered to see her off. By the time Khánh and I got to their hotel, Ian and Lesley's room was crowded with friends. She has done this many times before, so she was packed all ready - not like me last year... trying to finish packing with a room full of well-wishers (several of whom had been partying with Katie all night... that was chaotic)!

The taxi arrived at mid-day so we gathered on the steps for a group photo

Then we convoyed the short drive to the airport. Even though Hải Phòng is a city of over 600,000 people, the airport is a pretty laid-back regional airport - I guess because most Vietnamese people cannot afford to fly... most people here don't get to travel, even around Việt Nam.  So Lesley checked her bags and we stood around outside the terminal waiting for her flight... and of course, took more photos!



Thảo and me and Thảo

This is Kien

...wishful thinking!...

Then all too soon it was time for one last photo, last hugs and tears 
 ... and Lesley was on her way back to Australia.

This year, the time is flying by. It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that Emma was saying she was halfway through her six-month contract and now she too will be leaving in two weeks, and Ian will be gone in just six weeks.  Much as I miss my gorgeous family, I'm glad I still have several months before it's my turn to say good-bye.... I know it will be very hard to farewell my dear Vietnamese family!

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