Monday, June 25, 2012

Gene's Birthday Bouillabaisse

Becki threw a party to celebrate Gene's up and coming birthday today. She invited a bunch of friends and cooked up a fabulous bouillabaisse using loads of fresh seafood from the local market and hot crusty bread.
Loads of these bright blue crabs, prawns, pippies and other shellfish... all ready to be tossed into a rich stock of tomato and onions and paprika and fish and I'm not sure what else.

Taste testing...  (Gene's eyes are red because she's battling a bout of conjunctivitis)

These lovely ladies are Gene and Becki's friends from QSI International School where they used to work.

And the crab was sweet and sooo delicious!!

This is just before the meal was served... All up there were 24 of us feasting...

... but it wasn't long before we all looked like this... fingers covered in sauce, empty shells piling up...

Bonalee and Abel arrived late with dessert - brownies!! We all salivated at the rich sweetness, but William out-did us all.... he devoured four servings!!!!

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