Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday ladies

Wednesday today... so I joined the ladies, but not at Texas BarBQ, this time we met at the Korean restaurant - Aryang. Maritha, Caroline and Jutta are the only ones left from last year and it was so good to join them again. The Korean ladies now in our group ordered the food and there was enough for about 20 people, I reckon, whole platefuls were untouched! .... the equivalent of a whole week's food budget gone on one lunch!
Barbara and her grandson, Youejung, Caroline, Maritha, me, Jutta, and Seaoqing with baby Naut

Halfway through our meal, I received a phone call from Khánh so say he had arrived safely in Germany and was at his Uncle's house. His first impression was that it was cold.... hmmm.... he ain't seen nothin' yet!  It's not even close to winter!!  LOL

I walked home past my old house and dropped in to say hello to Bich. It's pretty funny, since she speaks zero English and my Vietnamese is appalling, but we get by!  This little 2 year old is someone else's grandson... cute, eh?

During the afternoon, Hùng came over and we started working our way through his TOEIC text book. After that I had two classes at VAIE, which is always enjoyable. By the time I walked home I'd had a pretty full day!

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