Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunrise Nursery School Opening Day

Again I was up bright and early to go for a walk with Tuyền. A beautiful girl named Thương (all Vietnamese girls are beautiful) came up and introduced herself and chatted to Tuyền until he had to go home. He has a part-time job that starts at 7am, so when we part at 6:30 he runs home to get ready and to work on time. Hương lives on Thiên Lôi Street, too, so she walked with me back to the Hotel.

This morning I had to hurry up and get ready, too. Trang and Trung Ho had invited me to be a guest at the opening of the Sunrise Nursery School, where they were booked to be the MCs and I needed to be ready at 7:30am. Ceremonies start early in Việt Nam!
Today was the first day of the new school year, so some of the three year olds were a bit teary... but all of them are just irresistable...

They wear these uniforms just for special occasions.

Trang and Trung did an admirable job - Trang in Vietnamese and Trung in English. There were some speeches and presentations of gorgeous flowers, then the children did some songs and dances...

Don't you just love this little boy's "Smile!"
So many photos... but I couldn't decide which ones to cull.

The children at this kindergarten get an hour or two of English every day and I was introduced as a teacher from VAIE, interviewed and invited to sing a song... so I got the parents to all sing and do the actions for "Open, Shut Them" ... big and small, up and down, fast and slow. They were good sports, and co-operated cheerfully.

When the Ceremony was over we had a little time with the photographer, a friend of Trang and Trung's...

Job well done! I was very surprised to hear that this was the first time they had done this. They were very professional, and looked impeccable.

It was quite hot by then -31 degrees - even though it was only 10:30, so I decided not to go walking to find some brunch. I opened the can of baked beans I bought the other day and thought of Tyler as I ate them straight out of the can.    LOL

It's not hard to fill an afternoon up here in my room.  I have so much to follow up with phone calls, skype, emails and facebook, as well as Isagenix up-skilling that the hours fly by. Tiên returned from his home town this afternoon, so we arranged to have dinner together, but just as he was on his way, we had a sudden thunderstorm. Fortunately he didn't get to wet. It was quite spectacular watching the lightning through my huge windows. Katie came on skype so she had a chance to say hello and we heard all his news. Eventually the rain stopped, so we walked down to Lạch Tray and this time I enjoyed cháo ngan for dinner... so delicious!

I didn't take my camera, but these days, a phone works nearly as well... Tuyền joined us and we came back and played 'Tenzie'.  These guys are very competitive, so it was hilarious... especially when we played 'Stealzie", where you have to steal the other players' dice.  Too much fun to stop for photos!  Just as well I am the only one on the top floor here... we got pretty rowdy.  I expect we will play this game again and again.

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