Saturday, September 8, 2012

Out with Sáng and Trung

Tonight after work Sáng picked me up and we met Trung for a drink at this colourful cafe next to Paragon. It is decorated this way in an endeavour to attract families with children...
Sáng couldn't resist the hat...

We had a lovely hour or so chatting, then Tony and his friend Cham joined us for a while... till they ran out of beer, so Tony left. I don't see him very often these days, since he left VAIE and the house to begin working at VIMARU. He is happier there. He lives on campus and it's all good except that they play revielle every morning at 5am to get the students out of bed for compulsory exercises!!!

She has a language school and is desperate to recruit more foreign teachers. But the classes are on Sunday night!  As if!!

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