Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goodbye darling William

The dreaded day has finally arrived ... I had to say goodbye to Will.  At least for the last few days he moved back into the house, so we finished like we started in October last year with him here at 35 - 302 Văn Cao. Here are some pics from those last few days...
Will, John, Lotus and me
 Gene bought this magnificent sombrero back from Mexico just in time for him to wear it on the plane going home to Ireland (via Thailand)  LOL!

Good mates. Will met Khánh the day he arrived in Hải Phòng and they have had so many good times together. Khánh has introduced Will to Vietnamese life and Will has introduced Khánh into the social circle of the Western TESOL teachers and their many parties, so it has been a mutually beneficial friendship. I do hope they stay in touch and get to meet up again in the future. Khánh had to head back north and get back to work, so this was goodbye for him.

Will and I spent a morning 'shopping' in the city centre, finding a good place to change dong into dollars - Gold jewellery shops have better exchange rates than banks. His Vietnamese is good enough for such transactions (very impressive!)  And we dropped in to VAIE for one last group Photo...

I never did remember the names of these two security guards, but this is John, Frank, Ann, Lina, Sun, Will, Toni, Me and Hannah, with Lotus and Snowy in front.

And then the day came when the taxi was finally outside waiting.

... just hate goodbyes.
I went upstairs on laid on my bed and had a good cry.  The worst of it is, I got a glimpse today of just how hard it is going to be for me to say goodbye when it's my turn to go home.

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