Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Birthday Celebrations!

Somehow the students in my 3 o'clock class found out I'd just had a birthday, and when I came back to the classroom after the break they had covered the board with messages and drawn birthday cards...

They are a delightful class.
Most notable of course is the one in front... Jake, the irrepressible...

Jake and Anna

Helen and Catherine

Ann and Malya

Danny, Kitty and Kate

Bella and Anna

Mary and Lina

Jake and Jackson

They are so much fun, this class. I taught them last year, too, so we're old friends. Jake cannot sit still for more than ten seconds, and his mate Jackson is quiet and studious. Both of them are extremely bright and their English is remarkable. They all got right into singing me Happy Birthday...

So after the lovely surprise and showers of love from these precious kids, I was spoiled all over again when Linh and Linh and Gene joined me for dinner at Texas BarBQ after work.

Gene gave me a bottle of Baileys and some chocolates Becki brought back from Switzerland last month!!

After dinner, the two Lynhs and I went to a cafe concert put on by the church I went to once last year (before I had to start working every class everyday for months). It was upstairs in a really nice place and there were people sitting around enjoying the excellent music. We were all treated to a delicious fruit drink or coffee and there was fresh fruit on the tables too. First time I have eaten green mango and it was delicious... crisp and juicy, not unlike eating an apple.  We sat around the walls on cushions.

These are the musicians from the Philippino church, and include Bonali (Gene and Becki's friend) and her husband, Abel. She has a wonderful voice and we really enjoyed their music.  When the concert was over it was raining outside, so they kept on singing. Pastor Abraham recognised me from last year and had welcomed me already, and at the end they insisted I join them for a couple of songs. Christians everywhere know Hillsong songs, so we sang a couple, including Shout to the Lord.

And so ended another lovely night. It was drizzling a bit as Lynh and I rode home, and not long after I got home it was pouring... I hope she got home without getting drenched! I simply had to crack open the Baileys and see if it was OK... and I'm happy to report that it is just fine!

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