Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Karaoke at Tre Xanh

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of going to karaoke with a group from my friend Mai's language school. It was a party to celebrate the completion of a course and the whole class went. Even though I had never taught them, I knew a few of the students from my Nam Phap church class. But people are so friendly here, it really didn't matter. Karaoke is always a lot of fun, even when I don't know the songs!

This beautiful young lady threw the party. She gave a heartwarming speech at the end encouraging them all to remember the friendships they have formed during the course.

This is not a very flattering picture, but it  includes Mai and Anthony, a Vietnamese American who is in Hải Phòng for a year or so and will be teaching English. At Mai's school, she uses American English resources for she said in Hồ Chí Minh City, they insist that the Vietnamese English teachers have American accents, because the US has much more global influence than the rest of us, so it stands to reason that students want to learn American English ... even though that is pretty galling to us Aussies!

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