Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TESOL Cert IV finally completed

Nearly two years ago I began this adventurous chapter in my life when I enrolled in Certificate IV in TESOL. The course included an intensive workshop where I gained my International TESOL Teaching Licence, and 12 modules of study... nine of which I completed before coming to Vietnam last year. When I went back home in November I managed to knuckle down and finish two more units, but the last one - Private Tuition - still remained incomplete when I came back to Hải Phòng. I had two years to complete the course, or I would forfeit all that hard work. Well praise God, I posted off the DVD of my private lesson to complete the unit this morning....YEAAAA! Just in the nick of time. All I need is for the mail to be delivered on time and I'm finished. Cert IV qualifies me to teach in Australia, which may come in handy down the track.

Dear Khánh picked me up and took me to the post office, then to Big C where I bought a pair of speakers for my laptop for all of $6, so now I am blissfully soaking up some Don Moen and it doesn't sound all tinny ...aah... glorious...

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