Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waylaid twice on the way home

SUNDAY 31st July

It wasn't so hot today, only about 30, so I wasn't sweltering as I walked home after finishing at 5 o'clock. I was halfway home when a young man sitting with friends in front of an ice-cream cafe called out 'Excuse me! She wants to ask you something!'  indicating a very embarassed looking girl at his side. I stopped and said hello, and immediately he jumped up and insisted I sit down and join them and before I knew it, a bowl of soft serve ice-cream was put before me. They were delightful company, with Tung speaking very good English it didn't matter that the others were shy
Tung, Phuong, Thanh and BB.
Tung said it was Thanh's birthday, so it was his shout...
We exchanged names and phone numbers and promised to keep in touch...
oh, sorry, I only just read what's on BB's Tshirt!

So we parted company and I walked on toward home with a smile on my face... (Oh yeah, the ice cream was great, too). But before I got to our corner I was walking past a new Pho Ga restaurant, when I heard my name being called. This time it was a lovely young man who introduced himself one day a couple of weeks ago as I was coming in my gate. His name is Tuong, but goes by Mirror. He is studying and hopes to go to Germany to do more study - he has an Uncle there... but it's hard to learn German in Hai Phong! I will see if any of the Wednesday girls can help him with conversation...


Anyway, I had been undecided about what to do for dinner, so that was then easy... I had Pho Ga - Vietnamese chicken noodle soup!  Mirror works there most nights apparently, and his brother was working there too:

Once again I had to smile for the camera and we parted like old buddies... Mirror told me that when I have some free time he would like to take me to visit his village ... about 2 hours away by horse and cart!!! imagine how much fun that would be!  I hope it happens...

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