Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This week...


This week has been busy as usual with lots of classes. Khanh took me to the church class on Friday in the pouring rain. These rain capes are ideal...
this is outside the classroom, at the church.

I haven't blogged much about school lately, so here are a bunch of photos I've taken recently. After very heavy rain about a month ago, the carpet in the staff room was saturated. Repairs to the roof of the room next door began, and the old wet carpet was pulled up to reveal ceramic tiles underneath.

It was decided to lay new tiles down so the floor level would match the hallway so we had to relocate the staff room to the student's computer room while the renovation work was carried out... a big job for the IT man - installing all our computers in there as well... plus jamming in extra desks, cupboards etc. We were packed in for over a week while the students were very disappointed that they couldn't use their room... it was a bit like working in a gold-fish bowl...

Anyhow, it's all good again now and we're back in the clean, fresh staff room again.  Some things never change... Ian still gives the girls a hard time and they hassle him right back... like the time Linh threatened to get him "in the centre" after he mussed her hair for the umpteenth time

Now that uni has started again, several of our TAs have left. This is Thao, with Gene, Lesley and Ian. She has gone back to Hanoi to study... she is part of the family for Ian and Lesley and will be missed. But Hanoi isn't far away and she can come back for weekends easily enough.

 This little cherub is Paul. He has just turned 4. He's in one of my Kitty classes and yes, he's a real little cutie... and smart, too.

and this is Ha, one of the cleaners at the school. She has gorgeous thick hair...

Being a smoker, Ian is always outside at break time and the students really enjoy his company. I can only sit out there when the weather is cooler... otherwise I end up going back to class dripping wet.  urghh.

This video is one of my teenagers classes. They're a great bunch of kids... lively and full of personality. The first person is Loyal, my TA... then the kids introduce themselves

Loyal, Rose, Henly, Ruby, Peter, Jack, Jerry, Max, Johnny, Rain, James, Angel, Tom, John, Lisa, Kitty, Laura, Clare, Rabbit,  and  Jennifer

Today I had lunch with the Wednesday girls at Harbour View. Several of them have returned from their summer holiday in Europe and there a couple of new faces too. This photo is in the restaurant...
Estelle, Birthe, Helle, Maritha, Caroline, Ushi and Becki

And there you have it... life goes on in Hai Phong. 

Yes, I know, but someone's got to do it!

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