Thursday, November 20, 2014

Teachers Day, 2014 !!!

My change of plans to accommodate the Isagenix Grand Opening meant that I was here for Teachers' Day this year after all. Huge blessing!!!  I love Teachers' Day Celebrations with our beautiful NPCEC family.

It was a beautiful clear morning as we met at Nam Phap Church to assemble our convoy and ride to Đồ Sơn

First stop today was the Temple of the Ninth Dragon that Tuấn Anh brought me to in August... Chùa Tháp Tường Long




This was the house where we parked all the bikes while we climbed up to the temple... a traditional house, complete with a well!

We stopped off at another  temple on our way to the beach. This one has a spring of 'sacred' water in a cave.

Then we headed down to the waterfront to the restaurant booked for lunch


This budding artist sketched me cuddling two of the girls while we were watching the fun and games on the beach...clever, eh!

The final event was a time of speeches of encouragement and appreciation...

Then that last ride home....

And so ends another wonderful episode of life in Hải Phòng.  Three months done and dusted.  More wonderful memories made, precious new friendships forged and cherished old friendships strengthened.  


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