Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chin, Tiên and Will ... Isagenix Training Day

Talk about exploding out of the blocks...there were 1300 people at the first official training day today!

I met Chin's lovely girlfriend at breakfast, then Will came with us to the Marriott for the day's induction. Tiên met us and we were four..

When the doors opened the pushing and shoving to get in was hysterical... typical in a culture where queuing is unheard of.

They had wireless earphones with translators turning all the Vietnamese into English and visa versa, so that made life very easy for Will and me. We listened to the English translation when locals were speaking, and gave the earphones to Chin and Tiên when the Westerners had the mic.

When we stopped for lunch Will was swamped with people wanting to be photographed with him... total strangers. He obliged graciously

We found a free table in the food hall and there was plenty of food!

Peta Kelly was one of the speakers in the afternoon session.

Hours later, even Kathy wasn't enough to keep Will awake...haha.

At the end of the day, we made our way back to the hotel, and caught up with Pete and a friend of Will's - Long - and found some street food for dinner and a drink

 and topped off the evening with karaoke!!
 Karaoke with Will and Pete in Hanoi for my last night in Vietnam for 2014... no big surprises there!  LOL

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