Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shouting at the Peddlers

At 5am every morning a man rides his bike down our lane singing out very loudly, selling fresh bread (apparently). He is the first of a steady stream of hawkers. Most of  the time I take no notice, since I cannot understand what they're calling anyway, but my housemate, Tony has a pretty short fuse and he finds the peddlers constantly going down our lane crying out their sales pitch songs extremely galling.... so he has taken to rushing to the door and shouting "Shut the .... up!" at them as they go by if he's downstairs. But the hysterical thing is, he has come to realise that not only do they NOT understand what he's shouting, they think he is an excited customer!!!! so they stop and come over, smiling politely, keen to be of service!

Gotta love Việt Nam!

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