Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello VAIE

This is the view from my bed....gorgeous morning!

This morning I surprised Mr Cường when I called him to ask for a ride to VAIE. He hasn't changed a bit in four years...  and still the same faces when I got there - security guards, receptionists.. and here is Bịch, the canteen lady, and
Phương, one of the cleaners, and a random little boy who was busting to be in the photo  haha.

It was a big surprise to see Ann...she's getting married next week!  How lovely...and she's five months pregnant. I'm invited to the wedding, so that will be a special occasion to look forward to. On the teaching front, she has plenty of teachers this year, so I won't be getting any classes at VAIE this year, unfortunately. 

I saw beautiful Lina and we agreed to make time to get together while I'm here...I still haven't met her gorgeous baby and she's over a year old now. And I found out that Linh is back. Last I heard, she was in the Philippines, training with YWAM. Can't wait to catch up and hear all her news!

I walked home...many things the same, some things different...

I stopped off at the little market I've been frequenting every year and saw the same happy faces. I bought some salad veggies....all this for $2!!
So it was a fresh salad for me for lunch - with hard boiled duck eggs and mayo and cashews...simple and delicious.

It is very easy to fill in time...Katie is doing her last few assignments for the year, then that will be third year done. So she likes to talk over what she's doing. There is always an abundance of things to read and listen to on-line, especially on Facebook, and I am still way behind on my blog!  I had several lengthy emails to my American sister, Rocky (I was an ex-change student when I was 17 and I lived with her family in California for a year). She is keen to find out more about Isagenix and has been asking lots of questions!  The day flew by in my lovely air-conditioned room.

Hiếu invited me out for dinner, and we went to a Chinese Restaurant I've been to before. They serve rice with barbequed meat. We had pork ribs tonight.

After our dinner, we went for drinks to another delightful cafe called The Secret, where we were joined by a bunch of Hiếu's friends from ABC English Club. It was very crowded and noisy till most of the other people went home around 10pm...then it was easier to hear one another!

At the head of the table, near me in the pink shirt, is Mạnh. He is an English teacher, and has a language centre. He has taught many of my friends here. Every year he organises a charity event, where he takes a busload of his students to a poor village and they do charity work. Last year they helped out after devastating floods in Central Vietnam. This year the focus is inspiring poor village children with a desire to learn English. I was very excited when he invited me to join them this year. We will leave at 5am on Sunday for a long day trip.

When I got back to my hotel I was delighted to get a very late skype call from Katie to tell me she had just scored another High Distinction for her latest assignment...very excited!!!  HAHA

For a girl who barely finished high school, she is absolutely nailing this University Degree. The children who will have her for their teacher in the future will be very fortunate indeed. She will be one of those unforgettable teachers who will change lives.

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