Thursday, August 28, 2014

Home in Hải Phòng

First thing this morning, I relocated to the 4th floor - a double room - and began to unpack and settle in.  I'm next-door to Graham and Lee. Lee looks wonderfully well and happy. Graham is on his way back from Australia - his 97 year old mother passed away last week. They have friends from Brisbane visiting on holidays at the moment - Silvana and Ross - beaut people. Silvana has a crook knee as a result of a skiing accident a couple of years ago, and it's swollen and very painful. So I gave her some Product B and Ageless Actives - that should bring relief... (Just as well Katie can bring me more when she comes!)

I also met Tracy (another Aussie) who now lives in my old room down at the end of the corridor. She's also working at VAIE, as does Mark (yes, another Aussie) who is in the room on my other side.

Tiến arrived to to take me to guessed it ... Bún Chả  !!  When we got there, Silvana and Ross were already there with Lien and Hiệp, so we joined them. still tastes amazing!

After lunch Tiến took me to Big C. I needed to begin to stock up on Kitchen equipment..I have a kitchen, but not even a spoon!  He was very patient as I shopped for essentials.

 I thought the display in the seafood department was impressive.

He followed my taxi home (too much to carry on a bike!) and helped me lug it up to my room, bless him. Then I had the afternoon to potter around, unpack and sort everything. 

So here's where I live this year...

my bedroom,

living room,


...bathroom and kitchen!   Heaps of room this year!

I have my precious family with me...

And this is my view!  looking straight down the river to the bridge - Cầu Rào 2
In between chatting to Katie on Skype and checking facebook, emails and text messages, it took me the rest of the afternoon and then some.  Hiếu came to my rescue and picked me up for dinner - a delicious plate of cơm rang (fried rice).  Too busy chatting to remember to take a photo!

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