Friday, June 17, 2011

Out for lunch twice in two days!!

FRIDAY 17th June

Well It's been head down tail up for weeks now, but this week I've been out twice!  On Wednesday I went with the Texas BBQ girls into the city centre to a lovely Thai Restaurant called BKK
Nice, eh?   Inside was lovely , too...
The young man is Andes, Helle's son.  
I had stir-fried black pepper beef which was delicious.
I only ate half, the rest I brought home for today's lunch (you can see Ann's green pawpaw salad on the right)
So that was a real treat on Wednesday. Several of those girls will be leaving next week so we'll be down to a few for the rest of summer. Next Monday morning Helle and Andes are going to pick me up and we're going to a crocodile farm with a visitor from Denmark... that will be good.
Then yesterday Linh picked me up and took me into the city centre to buy my ticket home at the Jetstar office. So I'm all booked for the return flight with Katie on 29th October. This is a photo of Linh all covered up to protect her from the sun. Most Vietnamese women cover themselves from head to toe so they don't get a tan.
Linh then took me to a restaurant run by people from Hue and we had Bánh Mì   Huế (bang mi hooay)... probably ranks in my top three dishes so far...
The food came to the table sizzling in a light, delicious clear sauce, and the bread was even better than it looks. We literally wiped our plates clean with it to sop up every last little bit!  This fabulous meal cost me $6.10 for both of us.

So now I have another lesson to prepare. My classes are so much fun. Last night in one of my beginner adults classes, they wanted to know what chateau meant. I asked my TA to translate it, so he wrote it on the board. Then when the students were doing some bookwork, I asked him to teach me how to say it ngyueh lâu đài (don't ask me now... I've already forgotten...). But anyway, While I figured everyone was busy, and no-one was listening, I attempted to say the Vietnamese words. I got it right at the second attempt and to my surprise, the whole class cheered and clapped!!!  I was so embarassed, I went bright red and I'm sure my glasses fogged up while we all laughed and I tried to get it together...
These gorgeous people are not that class, but from another one, where half the class have given themselves numbers as English nick-names... (this is half the class)
L to R back row: Pilot, Kevin, Alex, Five and No. 1 (he started it...). Front row: Alice, Six, Mandy, Eleven, Nine and Pink

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