Sunday, June 19, 2011

Buffet at Seamen No2

SUNDAY 19th June

This evening the teaching staff from VAIE all went to the other Seamen Restaurant in the centre of the city to celebrate several birthdays, including mine, Nicholas' and the director, Mr Hung (Mountain), as well as the arrival of Ian (from Australia), Gene and the four new Teaching Assistants - Loyal, Harvey, Lillie and Snowy.

We enjoyed another feast of delicious food.. not just seafood this time...
The restaurant is down a laneway... this is Gene and her daughter Becki 'looking glamorous' for the picture.  I'll show you the general photos first, then the many food photos for the enthusiasts (so you know if you are over looking at food photos, you won't be missing anything if you don't see them all!...)
this is all of us
and here's the restaurant

These are my first two platefulls:

That's Duck Soup in the little bowl on the right

So now it's just photo after photo of some of the food on offer...

pork...                     and crabs...

this is a duck soup

These sea snails on the left were stuffed with a delicious mixture of snail and other ingredients, then stuffed back into the shells with a piece of lemon grass behind the stuffing so you could easily pull it out...

How cool is this carved pumpkin??

and of course, there's always dessert...

And that about does it.  Amazing that you see so few overweight Vietnamese people when they cook such delicious food.  I have decided it's because their normal daily diet always consists of fresh food... nothing pre-packaged full of artificial flavours and colours... lots of rice and vegetables, and only small quantities of meat - seafood is eaten much more often than meat. And of course, what we ate tonight is reserved for celebrations, it's certainly not normal fare for us locals!

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